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This week we're featuring a teacher we think is so inspiring that we created four films in her classroom.  No matter what grade or subject you teach, I guarantee you'll see something inspiring in them.
  • Tell us how you would improve this lesson, expand on it, or adapt it to your grade and subject here.  
Our goal at Teaching Channel is not just to share great teaching practices and lessons, but to start a conversation.  Read on to learn more about our new videos and features.

New Videos

Climate Change in a Bottle
6th Grade Climate Change Researchers design and build models of environmental systems to test the variables involved in climate change

Climate Change in a Bottle
Part 1 - Overview: See an intro to Ms. Park's multi-day lesson.

Part 2 - The Lesson: See students review the four models they've designed.

Part 3 - The Set-Up: See students build their models and prep the experiment.

Part 4 - The Experiment: See students run their experiments and hear their reactions.

New Feature

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Shout Out

Terry Hongell
to Terry Hongell!
Not only did Terry alert us to a glitch on our web site, but she talked to not one, but two of my colleagues to try and figure out the problem. Above and beyond!  Thank you!

We love our growing Tch community!  We wish we could talk to more of you!
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