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If you step into my classroom on any given day, there’s a good chance you’ll hear us talking about layers—the layers of a novelist’s symbolism or the layers of audience consideration when we craft a narrative, poem, or analysis. We love layers because in them we find our best questions, our most incisive conversations, our most thought-provoking responses.

One great way to add layers to our teaching practice is to add a coach’s voice. I received layers of insightful feedback when I asked teaching coaches Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey to help me think more carefully about my Teaching Channel video, When a Lesson Goes Wrong. Their questions, observations, and commentary gave me new ideas that I hadn’t considered before. With this experience in mind, I’ve written a blog focusing on how coaching through Notes makes a difference to teachers who are trying to get better. If you aren't familiar with Tch Notes or need a refresher, watch this helpful how-to video.

Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel

3 Videos Showing Coaches in Action

All Grades | All Subjects | Feedback (Download the Evaluation Rubric)
See the layers of growth for Mr. Mulvaney when he opens up to feedback from his principal. Then imagine how Notes could make this possible in asynchronous ways!
All Grades | All Subjects | Feedback 
Have you heard of "virtual coaching?" If you haven’t, get ready to explore how this real-time method is making a difference for these teachers. Then, consider how Notes could compliment this coaching strategy.
Grades K | Math | Centers
Watch coach Jim Knight work with a new kindergarten teacher, Mr. Berger, as he transitions from teaching fifth grade students to younger learners.
When writing lesson plans, using a template can help you stay focused on essential components such as learning objectives, time, differentiation strategies, sequence, and assessments. Blogger and teaching coach Lily Jones shares some of her favorite tools.