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Good riddance! Reflection? Resolution. It wouldn’t be a new year’s tradition without saying farewell to the practices that weigh us down and saying hello to the ones that will help us flourish.

As this New Year begins and resolutions ring with the potential, I have one to share. How about making a mistake…and not being afraid to talk about it? And just to extend my complete commitment to this challenge, I’m offering one of mine to you…in video.

As fortune would have it, Teaching Channel’s cameras just happened to be in my classroom on one of those less than auspicious days when the lesson I had planned just falls apart. Watch it unravel and then watch me rally to try to save it for the next class.

When A Lesson Goes Wrong

Even though it’s not pretty, I’m proud of this one. It’s my catalyst for reflection and resolution. What will yours be?

All of us at Teaching Channel are excited to begin this year, so here's to making mistakes and finding new ways to recover!
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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