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Teaching Channel knows, as a teacher, you always need more materials and resources for your classroom. So we want to help by connecting you with DonorsChoose.org, a great non-profit that matches donors to teachers.  Here's how this works:

1) Invite teacher friends to join TeachingChannel.org
2) Receive a $10 gift card to DonorsChoose.org when 3 friends complete their profile
3) Create a project on DonorsChoose.org and use your gift card!

Not a classroom teacher?  That's just fine!  If you're a part of Teaching Channel, we know you support teachers.  You can use your $10 gift card to donate to any teacher's project on DonorsChoose.org.

Read on to hear about our new videos.  Have a great week!

New Videos

Graphing Linear Equations
Help students make connections between graphs and equations with "Graphing Full Body Style"

Use iPods, Blogs, and Podcasts to engage during workshop

Make a Fun Warm-Up or Review Activity out of address labels

See How to Manage a Lab Activity with many materials and 5th graders

New Feature

$10 Gift Card
Math Problem of the Day
Mrs. W posted a project on DonorsChoose.org to purchase a document camera for her science class.  if she wants a $10 gift card from Teaching Channel to contribute to her project, how many friends must she invite?

[Answer: At least 3 friends]

Kudos to...

Regina Fletcher
Every week we'd like to give a quick shout out to one Tch member, and this week's is... Regina Fletcher!
Regina is a 5th grade teacher in San Francisco, CA, who just so happens to have found a little technical glitch on TeachingChannel.org.
Thanks, Regina, for taking time out of your summer break to send us all the details.  Hope you're enjoying your summer!
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