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This Week: Spotlight On STEM | #LoveTeaching | Women Leaders in Education

Students make connections between events happening in the world and the models they create.
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Why do you #LoveTeaching? Co-Founder Gary Abud discusses this annual outpouring of positivity.
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Tch Laureate Crystal Morey interviews luminaries like Linda Darling-Hammond as part of an upcoming video series.
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When I think about why I #LoveTeaching, I realize it’s because I do what seems like the impossible every day. Teaching is engaging students with creativity and passion, teaching multiple class periods and, perhaps, several different courses. It’s taking off our “teacher hats” to be a counselor to a student struggling with a decision, acting as a custodian to pick up a mess or straighten desks, putting on handyman gloves to repair a jammed stapler, printer, or copy machine, being a nurse, a coach, a problem solver, a role model, a supportive adult, or a cheering fan — whatever a student happens to need. Teaching can feel like bending space and time to plan for and then grade assignments, give feedback, attend meetings, communicate with families, collaborate with colleagues, and then go home to recharge with our own families, excited to do it all over again. I #LoveTeaching because teaching is magical. It’s as close as a person can get to being a superhero.

This week, join me and Teaching Channel in celebrating the many reasons we #LoveTeaching. Check out Tch Talks this week to discover why #LoveTeaching co-founder Gary Abud Jr. helped to start the movement. And be sure to find out why Tch Laureates Sean McComb and Marion Ivey love what they do every day. Then add your voice to the #LoveTeaching chorus!

Joshua KwonJoshua Kwon
Teacher Laureate at Teaching Channel
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Tch Laureate Sean McComb loves teaching, even on the tough days, because tough days are opportunities to grow with colleagues in the service of students.

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Tch NGSS Squadster Kathy Renfrew explores how anchoring phenomena have become a part of the conversation around science instruction. Find out what she’s learned and what resources help her to engage students.

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