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You can feel it when it’s there: that energy, that curiosity, that intrinsic motivation when students want to be in school, when they are ready to learn. But recognizing it and creating it can be two different experiences. I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to help motivate my students: pop culture, their own lives, technology, art—the list grows. I rely on experts too, like Kathleen Cushman who shares five qualities you’d find in learning environments where students are motivated.

Sometimes motivation and assessment seem like opposing magnets: pushing away from each other. The beginning of our Assessment Diaries blog series (we’ve partnered with Student Achievement Partners) reminds me that when we see assessment as a natural extension of real learning, those magnets may just flip. Four teachers who’ve field tested the new assessments share why we need a new way to reward teachers and students for the work we do all year long.

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3 Videos on Motivating Students

All Grades | Planning
We know that project-based learning experiences can instill a lot of intrinsic motivation, but if you’re like me, you may be unsure about how to jump into one of these experiences. The framework in this video — SAGE — will help give you a place to start!
Grades K-5 | Motivation 
Ms. Saul reminds us that motivation doesn’t only come from the lessons we create, but also in the ways we talk to our students, especially when it’s time to help them understand that tired brains are growing brains.
All Grades | Engagement 
A trip to High Tech High shows us how motivation becomes part of school culture when they curate student work in public ways.
Recently, President Obama signed a memorandum asking the government and educators across the country, “What can we do, right now, to improve the odds for boys and young men of color?” Principal Kevin Bennett shares a few suggestions to help you get started.
Our new series on Deeper Learning is filled to the brim with supporting materials to help you bring the ideas you see in the videos to your own classrooms. On every video page, you’ll find planning documents and other essential materials that take you behind the scenes of what you’re watching.

In addition, here are 50 additional resources and tools to help you better understand the learning strategies behind this series. Check it out!

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