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As the dedicated educator you are, we know you're probably already planning for the next school year or at least mulling over a few ideas. Thinking about implementing some serious differentiated instruction this year? Implementing truly effective strategies (like the guided reading system you'll see in this week's films) takes months and perfecting them takes years, but taking the first step is easy:
  1. Watch Jenna, get inspired! The level of independence and ownership shown by her students is incredible, and it's not out of reach.
  2. Make a list of all the steps it would take to build your ideal guided reading (or math or science or writing) system in YOUR class.
  3. Now put those in order from easiest to hardest.
  4. Start with the easiest item on the list, and you're on your way.
Tell us on Facebook or Twitter what your first step is going to be. Good luck, and let us know if you need any help!

New Videos

Guided Reading
Differentiation: Small Group Instruction This week watch a 5 part series to see how you can meet with small groups of students at their level, while the rest of your class works independently.  The focus in this series is reading, but there are many ideas applicable across subjects.

Guided Reading with Jenna
Part 1 - Overview: See how the system works in Ms. Ogier's class.

Part 2 - Classroom Management: See how student buy-in and lots of practice are key.

Part 3 - Introducing Work Stations: See how to roll out stations students engage in independently for one hour.

Part 4 - Small Group Guided Reading: Observe two small group lessons focusing on different skills.

Part 5 - Reading Predictions: See how students benefit from discussion in a small group setting.

New Feature

Profile Changes
What fuels your passion for education? Update your profile and tell us!

We fixed it! A few of you wrote to let us know you couldn't add your school or organization to your profile. Now you can! Thanks so much for pushing TeachingChannel to serve you better.

Shout Out

Natasha Nunnally
to Natasha Nunnally!
Thanks for spreading the word about Teaching Channel through our DonorsChoose.org campaign (which is still going on BTW - invite three teachers who become founding members and get a $10 gift card)!

Natasha is a kindergarten teacher in Memphis, TN.  
  • Support her DonorsChoose.org project here.
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