5 great ways to use Teaching Channel

Welcome to Tch! You've joined a community of thousands of educators who regularly watch videos of effective teaching and offer each other insight and support.

To start, here are 5 great tips to get more out of Teaching Channel.

  • 1 Find Videos Quickly

    Interested in the Common Core State Standards, engaging lesson ideas, or differentiation? Just click "Video" on the top navigation bar. Use the left-hand filters to find what you want quickly.

    5 ways find videos
  • 2 Save Time with Personalized Video Delivery

    In your workspace profile, tell us what grade and subject you teach. Then fill in your educational interests. We use this info to send you alerts when new videos match your interests.

    5 ways personalized videos
  • 3 Tap into Tch Thought Leaders

    Our newest feature, Q&A, enables you to ask a question in a teacher community committed to professional learning. And don't be afraid to answer a few yourself.

    5 ways questions
  • 4 Do You Bookmark and Forget?

    We won't let that happen at Teaching Channel. If you find a video you like, just click the lesson planner icon and you can save it to your workspace. You can even schedule email reminders for when you'd like to try out that video idea.

    5 ways lesson planner
  • 5 Tell Us What You Think

    We're always working to improve our site. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts by clicking the "Feedback” button on the right side of the screen.