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How can we use video for job embedded professional learning?
There are so many ways to use video in professional learning. These four lenses plus the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues provide an introductory framework for embedding video into your professional learning practice. If we take the time to observe them closely, pull apart and label what we see, and draw conclusions, we can refine practice in four major ways:

Analyzing video with colleagues can also help you learn from each other and bond as a team. You can meet and watch videos together in person, of course, using discussion or analysis protocols. You can also discuss videos and use protocols online, in your Teaching Channel Plus teams. Discussing videos online means working on your own time, without having to schedule or attend additional meetings.
What Needs to be in Place for Video-Based Teacher Development to Succeed?

Listen to Dr. Elham Kazemi give her expert tips on how to get started with video and what to expect when diving into this rewarding work.

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