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Back to School Starter Packs

Gearing up for the first day of school can be a daunting task.

Editor's Note: We've updated our Back to School Starter Packs for the 2018 school year. Download our newly revised Packs today!

It takes vision, organization, and usually a few tried-and-true resources. Luckily, Tch is here to help. Whether you’re a veteran teacher or brand new to the profession, you’ll find something valuable in our downloadable Back To School Starter Packs for Elementary, Middle, and High School. Each starter pack includes a set of checklists and related resources that help you in the areas you need to consider most at the start of the year: Classroom Setup, Lesson and Unit Planning, Class Culture, and Self-Care.

Print out the checklists to help you stay organized and make sure you’re where you need to be. We've put together a wonderful set of resources for you to check out with useful tips and ideas. Have a great start with your students and school community, and come back to Teaching Channel throughout the year for more high-quality videos, blog posts about practice, and Deep Dives into critical areas of instruction.

(Note: You must be signed in to download the Starter Packs. If you’re not already a member of Tch, take a moment to register.)

Elementary (K-5)

These checklists and the resources behind them will help any K-5 teacher get off to a great start this year. From desk placement to decor, we've got you covered. Click the image below to download the PDF.



Middle School (6-8)

From what to keep in your desk drawer (extra deodorant, anyone?) to how to arrange your room for better flow, 6-8 teachers will find what they need to start the year right. Click the image below to download the PDF.


High School (9-12)

A great start can lead to a great high school year. So use our Starter Pack checklists to make a smooth transition for yourself and your grades 9-12 students. Click the image below to download the PDF.


How's it going? See how you're doing with our handy mid-year check-in.

Whether you began the year with Tch’s Back to School Starter Packs or not, now is a good time to assess how things are going. Does your classroom space work for you and your students? Are you happy with the class culture you’ve built so far? Are you taking time to care for yourself? Do you need an overall reboot?

Mid-Year Check-In Print out our handy Mid-Year Check-In (you must be logged in) and use it to do a little self-reflection. The check-in asks you to review all of the items from the Back to School Start Packs. It also gives you new resources from Tch to keep you inspired. You can use this mid-year check-in alone, or as a companion to one of the starter packs below. No matter how you use it, we hope it helps you to take time to reflect and plan for an amazing second half of the school year.


You made it! Before you lock your classroom door for the summer, take a moment to reflect.

Maybe you started the year with our Back to School Checklist. Maybe you didn’t. No matter what, we’re glad you’re here!

End of Year Check-in Download (you must be logged in) and print out our End of Year Reflection. Use it to think about how your year went in the key areas of Classroom Setup, Lesson and Unit Planning, Class Culture, and Self-Care. Then, get a quick head start on next school year’s to-do list. You’ll be so glad you did come when school starts again.


Learn and Grow This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to take a course, investigate new ideas and discover applicable strategies for fall. Check out our sister company, Learners Edge. They have over 100 courses to choose from!


I have been feeling really scattered and the back to school checklist really helped to ground me. It's stuff I know and do, but for some reason I haven't been making much headway. This will help me focus!


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We hope the lists help you start the year off right! Let us know how they go. 

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Mid-year and end-year reflection download did not work for me. Pls advise. thanks

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@Jin Jr Shi, apologies! The links for mid-year and end-of-year should be working correctly now. Please let us know if you're still having difficulties.

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it worked for me

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I have signed in and tried to download the elementary and middle Back to School Start Pack and receive this message for both of them:  "This page is having problem loading."  I'll try again later and hope that is able to load.

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Tish, let me know if you cannot download them. Thanks! 

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