A Slew of New Web Tools for Teachers

Visit the Amazon, Run a simulation in seconds, See 250 years of human travel in 3 minutes

Teachers, did you know there are lots of people out there trying to make tools for you?  From entrepreneurs to non-profits, it seems like folks are finally realizing you could use some help.  It seems, of late, there has been an explosion in the number of resources being created for teachers to use in their classrooms.  Check out a few of my latest favorites.

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5 Ways to Personalize Student Feedback

Combining Technology with a Personal Touch

Since the posting of the Teaching Channel video “Podcasting to Personalize Feedback” there has been a robust discussion developing in the comments section of the video on everything from how to work the technology, to formative assessment practices, to stories of how teachers are trying out these practices in the classroom. I’ve long believed that the most important teaching I do comes in the form of the feedback I offer students and so over the years it has gone through various iterations.

Here are some of my forays into offering feedback:

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3 More Free Tech Tools to Try

Tried any of these? Heard of others? Tell us!

About a month ago I posted a short blog showcasing 3 free tech tools for teachers. I loved the response—it seems a lot of you like trying new resources, especially free ones! So, let’s keep the conversation going… Below are a few tools you might try as the year and testing (ugh) wind down, and a few ideas to get you started.

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The Teaching Norm that Drives Me Nuts

Techniques Are Transferable!

There is a predominate norm in teaching that has always driven me nuts. We hear it often from people when we ask teachers what they need to improve their practice to better support their students. “I keep looking for someone who is teaching my kind of kids or my subject or my grade level…” And yet teachers also repeatedly tell us that they’d like to learn from each other. If we can only learn from people whose circumstances are just like ours, we severely limit where we can turn for great ideas!

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Have You Tried Tch Mobile?

Check Out Our New Look

Teaching Channel on mobile devices

Have you checked out Teaching Channel on your mobile phone lately?

We know that a growing number of our members are mobile and we understand that means you want a simple interface that gets you right to the content you want.

So, we’ve made some changes that put the videos front and center, so you can start viewing with a couple of clicks. We’ve also added quick access tabs to your Lesson Planner and our Tchers’ Voice blog.

Go to https://www.teachingchannel.org/ while on your mobile and let us know how you like the new look!

Lights, Cameras, Collaboration!

New Survey Shows Desire for Collaborative Professional Learning

Thanks to all of you who rolled up your sleeves and gave us feedback in our March Tchers’ Voice Survey—we love hearing from the people who are doing the work in classrooms around the country.

Our March survey focused on professional development and collaboration. Nearly 100 Tch members took part in the survey – 73% of them classroom teachers, 93% women.

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