Lights, Cameras, Collaboration!

New Survey Shows Desire for Collaborative Professional Learning

Thanks to all of you who rolled up your sleeves and gave us feedback in our March Tchers’ Voice Survey—we love hearing from the people who are doing the work in classrooms around the country.

Our March survey focused on professional development and collaboration. Nearly 100 Tch members took part in the survey – 73% of them classroom teachers, 93% women.

teacher experience stats


We love what we are hearing from you: a vast majority is open to sharing your professional development experiences with colleagues and administrators.



teacher video taping themselves stats

And, you are open to filming yourselves in the classroom in order to get feedback and improve your practice. We are thrilled to hear this. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, in late summer Teaching Channel will begin pilot study groups on our site—precisely so you might be able to collaborate on improving while using video of great teaching.

A large majority is interested in collaborating in groups and in getting input from people across the nation. This is great input as we work to develop our online groups at Tch.

teacher collaboration stats

We also learned you are not alone in spending your own money on professional development—often on books, magazines and more!

teacher professional development stats

Thank you to everyone who participated!  As we found last time, it is clear you put a lot of thought and effort into your detailed responses. This information is so useful to us—we need your guidance as we continue to grow and build Teaching Channel.

Pat Wasley is the Chief Executive Officer for Teaching Channel. Pat began her education career as a public school teacher in the U.S. and in Australia. She has been a public school administrator, a researcher, a university professor, and a dean of both the Bank Street Graduate School of Education and the University of Washington College of Education.


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