3 More Free Tech Tools to Try

Tried any of these? Heard of others? Tell us!

About a month ago I posted a short blog showcasing 3 free tech tools for teachers. I loved the response—it seems a lot of you like trying new resources, especially free ones! So, let’s keep the conversation going… Below are a few tools you might try as the year and testing (ugh) wind down, and a few ideas to get you started.

1. Make Beautiful Web Pages in Seconds:pen.io

Try Pen.io to create a website to communicate with parents in seconds.

  • Have students create end-of-year online portfolios*
  • Have students use their page to document an independent project or research (a great “when you’re done” activity)
  • Have students try Pen Zen, Pen.io’s “distraction-free writing environment,” and instantly publish writing or share it with you (much simpler than Google Docs)

*Make sure to have students use their first names only.

2. Easily Send Reminders to Parents and Students: Remind 101

remind 101

  • Send homework reminders
  • Send a reminder the night before a field trip or other special event with key details


3. Collaborate Around and Track IEP Goals – Easily! Try Goalbook.

IEP meeting coming up? Imagine if all of your info on each student was in one easy to access place…


  • Add updates to goals after assessments and share them with the student, their parents, and other teachers who support that student
  • Have students track and self-evaluate their own progress

Have you tried any of these in your classroom?  Tell us how it went.


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