Snapshots of a Year: Top Ten Classroom Moments

A look back on the ten standout moments from this school year

I keep telling myself that I need to get out my camera more often and capture all those moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. If I had kept a camera at my fingertips this year, I would have captured these moments. They’re not all pretty, but together, they collage my year in the classroom.

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What’s Been Bothering Me Since 1974

Feedback on Almost Everything... but Teaching

About six weeks ago, I let off some steam and told you all about a teaching norm that drives me nuts. Well, here’s another thing that has bothered me since l974, when I started teaching: How are teachers supposed to get feedback on their work?

I think about all the things I have learned to do in my life:

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3 Video Lesson Guides on Digital Literacy

Teaching Our Students Internet Research Skills

Whether you’re gearing up to tackle technology and Common Core or just want to teach your kids how to use the internet as a research tool, we think you’ll love these video lesson guides we’ve developed with Common Sense Media. Full lesson plans are included with each one.

3 Step Guide to Finding and Using Internet Resources:

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Dear Teacher: You. Make. A. Difference.

When Appreciation is in a Rearview Mirror

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, I have been thinking a lot about small moments, the ones that seem insignificant to us, but have far-reaching impact on others. As you approach the victory lap of this school year, I’m not sure if the needed words will be said. I hope that students and parents, colleagues, and administrators will be eager to share all of the ways your words, your generosity, your spirit have shaped and defined those you work with. Just in case they forget to remember what your work has meant, let these thoughts be my admiration, my applause.

You. Make. A. Difference.

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