How Important is Parent Engagement?

Parents + Teachers = Better Student Outcomes

At the end of the school year, report cards, performance reviews, and assorted rankings are being churned out one after the other—for students, for teachers, for schools and districts. The bottom line for all the reports should be one thing:  improving student outcomes. And, with so many districts across the country facing budget cuts it becomes a bigger hill to climb for most educators.

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Summer Break: Work or Play?

Our Tchers' Voice Summer Survey Results

Let me begin by saying: Congratulations on completing the school year, I hope you are able to get some well-deserved rest. Because we knew most of you would be starting your break this month, we decided to focus our most recent Tchers’ Voice survey on how we can best help you over the summer. We asked a number of questions about planning for the next school year, newsletters, and new features you might like to see when you return to the classroom in a couple of months.

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Happy Birthday Tch!

You’re invited to the party

Happy birthday, Tch! What a special day of celebration for an auspicious first year. Who doesn’t love a birthday? Besides all the yummy traditions of cake and delicious birthday dinners, I love the chance to reflect on the year that’s just passed and to think ahead about what I’d like to be celebrating the next time this special day comes around. So, I’m sitting here having a little birthday party of my own for Tch and you just got an invitation!

Teaching Channel cake

Let’s Celebrate

Top 10 Videos from Tch’s First Year

Drum Roll Please...

Some of my favorite fast facts from 2011-2012:

  • When Teaching Channel officially launched on June 8, 2011 we had 90 videos on our site. Today, we have 476 videos (and counting!) featuring 279 teachers, coaches and other educators.
  • You have watched nearly 3 million minutes worth of effective teaching practices and inspiring lesson ideas.
  • Our video crews have spent hundreds of hours in classrooms in an effort to bring you examples of great teaching. So, you could see what others are doing, and adapt the techniques for your classrooms.
  • Thousands of you have given us feedback on how to make our web site and films better. Thank you, and keep the ideas coming!

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An Important Tch Milestone

So Much to Celebrate

Today is a GREAT day to celebrate! is officially one year old. Our vision to revolutionize the way educators learn, connect, and inspire each other is well underway! Like a rough and tumble one-year-old child, Tch talks, it walks and it reaches out!  And you all appear to be paying attention.  How great is that?

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