Back to School To-Do List

Five Things To Do Now That Will Pay Off All Year Long

The first few weeks of school can set the tone for the entire year. Though this might sound overwhelming, don’t worry! Some simple techniques that you can practice now will pay off throughout the school year. These strategies will increase your efficiency while creating a positive classroom environment:

1)  Make connections with your students

classrroom on day 1

In the first few weeks of school, you’re sure to have a lengthy to-do list. Try to remember to spend time getting to know your students. Learn a little something about each one of your students and marvel at their individuality. Share about yourself and make connections whenever possible. If you teach multiple classes per day, this can be a bit harder, but it’s still doable with extra concentration. Even little things like quickly learning the names of all your students can help. Want to be extra ambitious? Try to make connections with your students’ families too.

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