PodcastPodcastImplementing the Core: Where to Begin?

Let's Chat Core Q & A

Where do I start? It can feel like being on a hilltop, overlooking this vast landscape before you and being so overwhelmed that all you want to do is sit down instead of taking a step. But taking that first step is what we all must do and these two questions from members of our community target just how to make a first move.

Let’s Chat Core

A Glimpse into Learning Across Grade Levels

Pathway to Collaboration

We all know how isolating teaching can be. Sometimes it can feel like you are alone with 30 students, disconnected from the rest of the world. There may be millions of teachers like you, but when you’re in the same classroom every day with the same kids, it can feel like it’s just you.

Teaching Channel is helping to open up classrooms; making your own walls seem less confining. By glimpsing into other people’s classrooms, not only can you learn lesson ideas and teaching strategies, but you can also feel a sense of companionship.

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What My Favorite Math Routine Taught Me About Differentiation

100 - 90 - 2 + 7 - 7 + 0 = 8

When I taught a K/1 combination class, every year prospective parents would come to tour the school. Their number one most popular question for me was “How do you teach both kindergarten and first grade at once?” I would explain the concept of differentiation, giving examples of students working on similar-but-different tasks and talking about how I used flexible groupings throughout the day. Truthfully, differentiation was hard to explain, but even harder to do. But there was no alternative. In order to meet the needs of my diverse multi-grade class in just one school year, I needed to differentiate constantly.

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What TV’s “Glee” Gets Right about Teaching

Stereotyping Aside, Some Truths about Teachers and Teenagers


Sarah Brwon Wessling

Call me a “Gleek”

I’m a self-proclaimed geek. Even our class website is called Geek Like Me. I’m not ashamed to become a veritable dervish of excitement over the Alice Walker book I just finished, the TEDtalk that kept me up an extra half-hour the night before, or the latest Zadie Smith piece in Harper’s. And as happy as I am to troll the literary criticism stacks at the library, I also can’t help but set my DVR for a few pop culture favorites: Andy Cohen, Bobby Flay, The Amazing Race and without fail, Glee. In fact, I just recently finished my “back-to-school ritual” of re-watching every episode of Glee, and I continue to be surprised at just how hooked I get. Yeah, it’s campy for sure. And the writing, well, it’s better the first two seasons, but it’s the kids that I just can’t get enough of.

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