Getting to the Point with Goals & Objectives

Focus, Focus, Focus

In addition to my work with Tch, I spend time coaching beginning teachers. A couple weeks ago I observed a hardworking new teacher teach a lesson that was both engaging and exhausting.

In his 2nd grade Spanish lesson, the teacher took his students through a warm-up song about days of the week, a game about numbers, an art project about colors, and a closing activity about emotions.

All of the components of this lesson were fun—kids were enthusiastically participating and enjoying themselves. But by the end of this whirlwind lesson I was exhausted, and I’m sure the teacher was too!

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100,000 Members and Growing Fast!

Celebrating Our Community of Educators

Almost exactly a year ago, we celebrated the registration of Teaching Channel’s 10,000th member. So, imagine how thrilled I am to tell you that over the weekend we saw the 100,000th member join our wonderful, robust community of educators.

Those of us who work at Teaching Channel remind ourselves every day that our mission is to elevate and celebrate great teaching, and we are constantly striving to make the site more useful to you.

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Beyond Engagement: Changing How Our Students Express Learning

Arts Integration as a Path to Deep Understanding

As a K/1 teacher, I spent a lot of time in the hallway. You could have found me standing on a chair, helping students hang tissue paper jellyfish in our classroom ocean. Or perhaps you would have seen me crouched down, helping students attach leaf cutter ants to the forest floor of the rainforest that we constructed. For pretty much every thematic unit my K/1 colleagues and I taught, we found a way to create a corresponding installation in the hallway.

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