Beyond Right Answers: Math and the Core

Throughout this series of Let’s Chat Core, we’ve focused a lot on literacy because it impacts every teacher in every discipline. But this time, we want to take a closer look at the math standards in order to wrap our minds around the way they’re challenging teachers and students to think about math in deep, conceptual ways.

Let’s Chat Core

Survey Indicates Tch is a Well-Used PD Tool

Survey also shows rapid growth of community

Our first Tchers’ Voice survey of the New Year shows that we have a lot of new people to welcome to our community!

Teaching Channel statsMore than 29% of the educators who took part in our January survey have been coming to Teaching Channel for less than a month. Let me be the first among the Teaching Channel veterans to say we’re happy you’ve joined us and we look forward to your participation! Our survey is also helping us learn so much about how all of you are using Teaching Channel every day.

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Teaching Others to Embrace Common Core

Early this fall Teaching Channel began an extended commitment to bring you new resources to help make sense of the Common Core State Standards. Now that we’ve been at it for a few months, we thought it would be helpful to remind you of the resources we have as well as some that you can look forward to.

And as a special “extra” I’m sharing a very thoughtful response to our inaugural piece from the series, “A View from 30,000 Feet.” I’ve been having an ongoing and invigorating conversation with Anne Ostholthoff who does The Ignite Show, about the Common Core State Standards. Not only does her response to the webinar add some external research to the conversation, she also gives an enthusiastic voice to how our larger education community sees the standards.

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5 Questions to Ask about Core Resources

Finding Sources You Can Trust

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been noticing that almost every catalog that is sent to you, conference you want to attend, or email you open has the moniker of “Common Core State Standards” attached to it. And rightly so. These standards have and will continue to have a definitive impact on our schools and in our classrooms. Yet, with seemingly everything proclaiming that it will “help you meet CCSS” it’s tough to discern what you should trust and turn to in times of uncertainty and accountability.

While I’m not going to offer a comprehensive list of available resources, I will offer some caveats I keep in mind while I’m looking at CCSS resources to decide whether or not they will work for me. I hope these five questions will help you navigate all of those resources with more confidence.

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What I’m Hearing from Teachers of the Year

Postcards from a Great Conversation

I just escaped a nasty Iowa snowstorm for the warm rays of Scottsdale, Arizona where I am meeting the 2013 State Teachers of the Year. Often, when I’m at conferences, my primary role is to talk, to share, to present. And while I’ll do all these things by the end of the conference, I start by listening.

What Sarah’s hearing