Survey Indicates Tch is a Well-Used PD Tool

Survey also shows rapid growth of community

Our first Tchers’ Voice survey of the New Year shows that we have a lot of new people to welcome to our community!

Teaching Channel statsMore than 29% of the educators who took part in our January survey have been coming to Teaching Channel for less than a month. Let me be the first among the Teaching Channel veterans to say we’re happy you’ve joined us and we look forward to your participation! Our survey is also helping us learn so much about how all of you are using Teaching Channel every day.

Teaching Channel statsWe asked several questions about Professional Development. First—we wanted to get an idea of how much time you spend on PD. It appears the sweet spot is between one and five hours a week.

We also learned that slightly more than 20% of you are in districts that are starting to use Teaching Channel for PD.

Teaching Channel stats


But—a full 78% of you—are using Tch on your own—for your own professional learning. That’s the kind of news I love to hear to start off the year! And, even more significant, are the results you are seeing when you take the things you’ve learned back to your classrooms.

More than half of you are seeing improved student participation, and nearly half are better able to manage your classrooms. Some of you are seeing better-behaved students, and even improved test scores.

A couple of other quick notes—we’re glad to see most of you have had no trouble with the new design and are finding it more organized and easier to use. And, while many of you are just learning about the new Q&A feature and haven’t tried it yet, you tell us that you plan to in the future. There is so much teaching know-how in this community, why not share it by answering a few questions. Your fellow Tchers need your help!

Pat Wasley is the Chief Executive Officer for Teaching Channel. Pat began her education career as a public school teacher in the U.S. and in Australia. She has been a public school administrator, a researcher, a university professor and a dean of both the Bank Street Graduate School of Education and the University of Washington College of Education.


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