Celebrating 1000 Questions and WAY More Answers (Special Download)

Free PDF: 15 Great Q&As on the Common Core

This week Teaching Channel celebrates another BIG community benchmark: more than 1000 questions have been posted in our Q&A feature. If you’ve never used this tool, we’d like to introduce you to this GREAT “Insider Secret” on Teaching Channel. Unlike big threaded discussion boards where you have to hunt for answers, Teaching Channel Q&A allows you to post your specific question on its own page and watch the answers roll in from our ever-growing community of nearly 450,000 teachers across America.

Common Core QuestionsJust see what happened when Terri Smith, a high school English teacher from Florida, posted a question about Common Core lesson plan templates — she wanted to find an easy-to-use digital version. Within a week, she had more ideas than she could possibly use. And even better, ideas continue to roll in. Every time there’s a new answer, Terri gets an email with a direct link to that answer. She doesn’t have to remember where she posted a question and hunt through a discussion board to find the answers. Q&A is a real time-saver for busy teachers.

To celebrate our 1000 questions on Q&A, Teaching Channel has put together a FREE PDF: 15 Great Q&As on the Common Core. Hundreds of questions continue to come in on the Common Core, so we thought you might want a list of the top questions and answers. This is available only to registered community members. Not a member yet? It only takes 1 minute to sign up.

And remember, you don’t have to ask a question to get a lot of useful information out of Q&A. There are hundreds of great questions like Terri Smith’s on Common Core lesson plan templates. So check it out! A Tch community member may have answered your question already!

To download a free copy, all you need to do is take 30 seconds to register on Teaching Channel and it’s yours! Enjoy!

Candice Meyers is the Chief Content Officer at Teaching Channel. She oversees all video production and manages the growth and development of Teachingchannel.org.

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