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Calling All Coaches! What We Learned in our December Survey

Calling All Coaches: Answer Challenging Coaching Questions

We're always so grateful to the teachers who participate in our Tchers' Voice surveys. You keep us focused on what's most important to you. Our December Tchers’ Voice survey was about coaching, and it confirmed loud and clear that this is a topic you want us to dig into. So, let’s do this!

coachesBecause of your input, we're adding resources and support for coaches. For starters, we are calling all coaches to come and share their coaching dilemmas and difficulties, and to help each other with advice and tips. That’s why we've added a new category in Q&A for Coaching. We hope you'll come to Teaching Channel to ask your questions about supporting the teacher-coach relationship. We want teachers and coaches to share valuable tools and resources, and we hope it will help you gather more information on how this collaborative relationship can help teachers improve their practice.

We reached out to the coaches who took our December survey. Here are some coaching challenges to check out, and be sure to come back for questions.

Coaches, how do you help teachers see you as an ally, instead of an evaluator?

You are working with a new teacher. How do you help them build their toolbox of classroom management strategies?

I am having teacher morale issues. How do I put a smile on my teachers' faces?

62We are already producing more videos that support our coaching community because in our survey we learned that 62% of coaches use video as a tool. We also learned that 71% of coaches need help learning about new coaching strategies, and 60% need help giving feedback. We're here to help you become a better coach, starting now.

If there is anything you would like us to cover, please leave a note in the comments section below this blog.

P.S. You may remember our Back to School Q&A Special where we brought together top experts on the Common Core to answer your questions. We received over 250 amazing and even challenging questions, which we put to experts from PARCC, Smarter Balanced and Student Achievement Partners -- and YOU. We compiled a list of the top 15 questions and answers which you can download here. Because of you, this Back to School special was a huge success!

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This is going to be so helpful to me! I transitioned from a teaching position to a role as a school support specialist, and part of my duties is coaching teachers. It would be great to hear what other coaches are doing and what works well. I have had to grow a lot this year and anticipate learning more!
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