What Do 500,000 Teachers Have In Common?

We are all members of the Teaching Channel community! Just today registration passed the half million mark. And there is something else 500,000 of us share: a passionate belief that teachers should be honored for the hard work and dedication demanded by this profession.

Teachers RockThe 22 of us who work at Teaching Channel are committed to celebrating your work with the videos we create. Even with nearly 900 videos on the site, we haven’t even scratched the surface on showcasing the amazing people who work so hard everyday to lift student achievement.

As we approach Teacher Appreciation Week (May 5-9), we want to start the festivities early. We’ve created three special videos celebrating great teaching. Pick a video below and share it with at least one teacher you think is doing great work. Tell them when you watch these videos, you’re reminded of them.

Share What Great Teaching Looks Like: We believe in showing what great teaching looks like — and it doesn’t look perfect. We know it’s about being messy and it’s about struggling and it’s about getting better every day.

Share How Teachers Improve: We know great teachers have a growth mindset — they believe that hard work leads to higher levels of achievement for themselves and their students.

Share What Student Learning Looks like: We know it’s ultimately about students learning and succeeding and great teachers calibrate their practice by putting their students first.

With a community of more than a half million educators, we know there’s a whole lot of learning going on here at Teaching Channel. Let others know that you are part of a profession that stands for excellence.

P.S. If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you do by May 5th, in time for Teaching Appreciation Week. During Teacher Appreciation Week we’ll have 5 days and 5 ways to celebrate you!

Candice Meyers is the Chief Content Officer at Teaching Channel. She oversees all video production and manages the growth and development of TeachingChannel.org.


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