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"Show Off Your Classroom" Photo Contest: See the Winning Classrooms

A big "thank you" to everyone who took the time to submit a photo in our "Show Off Your Classroom" photo contest on Facebook. We loved taking a peek inside so many imaginative and inspiring spaces -- and we heard from so many of you that this is a treasure trove of ideas. Over 160 teachers submitted photos and we're putting them all together in an album to share with you soon.

Our Educator Panel evaluated and chose a winner* from the five photos with the most votes. (Thank you, Panel!) It was a hard decision, but we're excited to announce the lucky recipient of a new iPad:


Mr. Dela Cruz's Science Class!


Hi! I am Mr. Dela Cruz and this is my classroom. Establishing a positive learning environment in a high school science classroom can mean more than setting up rows of desks and laboratory tables in a boxed-in style room. Being creative and giving students the opportunity to offer feedback as to what their ideal learning environment looks like is my main goal. Although limited in terms of funding and resources, I make sure that my classroom is inviting and interactive.

The major design aspects of my room include a data wall so students and administrators can track progress, a word wall to emphasize vocabulary, a "Eureka" board to highlight student learning moments, and a "My Best Work" board so students can be proud of their work and find encouragement to always aim for the best. Lastly, but most importantly, an area where they can be reminded of classroom rules, procedures and guidelines for a successful and meaningful year in Mr. Dela Cruz's Science class!


Rodgers' Rockin' Pete the Cat Room -- Keri Rodgers


I love reading Pete the Cat in my kindergarten classroom. I promote student learning by using Pete's quotes all over the room. My color words are displayed on colorful shoes, and my number boards go along with Pete's Groovy Buttons. I have incorporated a rockin' pet theme this year! We're also Rockin' Leaders in Rodgers' Room!

Learning Is a Hoot with Mrs. Calanni


My classroom promotes student learning by engaging students in an environment where tools and resources can be seen at every glance. Students are surrounded by an inviting classroom full of color and fun, which I believe will make learning more successful! I can only hope that learning will be a hoot this year with my fabulous first graders!

Multi-dimensional Learning -- BC Davson


In my classroom, tried and true teaching techniques collide with technology, and cooperative learning enhances learning. For example, my students use an interactive clicker system to answer geometry lesson questions. The clickers help me assess the level of comprehension by giving me immediate feedback, and ALL of my students are engaged throughout the lesson. The responses are displayed on the classroom Smartboard, and students who might have answered incorrectly don't feel humiliated for not understanding. Later, I can go on my computer to see the individual results and see who needs extra attention. I try to match work groups with multiple levels of understanding so that they can benefit from each others’ help when needed. Sometimes a student can explain something to another student in a way that makes more sense than when I explain it. Together, we can all grow!

Courtney Warner's colorful classroom!


My classroom promotes learning by having a safe environment. I think it's important for students to feel safe at school. With my homey classroom my students feel safe and secure, which helps them learn. Using bright colors brings out positive vibes. Students are happy when they get to my class because they enjoy the look and feel of my classroom. On the walls I have many colorful posters and boards that promote student learning. Students are grouped into tables of four so I can teach "I do," "we do," "you do." Students learn really well in a classroom setting when the teacher does it first, you do it in groups second, and then you do it on your own. This way, students are able to help each other learn, which helps them retain the information as well!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner, the runners up, and the 20 eBook winners! See the list of participants who've won an eBook by Sarah Brown Wessling.

*The Grand Prize winner is in a provisional state pending confirmation of adherence to contest rules.

Julia Chope is Teaching Channel’s Social Media and Content Producer. Follow her on Twitter, @JuliaChope.

@ Sandia Gilliam: Eureka board is my way to check for misconceptions, learning, "Aha moments", muddy points and questions for further discussion. At the end of the lesson, the students are required to write on a piece of paper (recycled cut-out copy paper) or sticky notes what thy have learned or what further questions they have about the lesson. Data wall is where I post the class' progress or performance on a benchmark assessment. Data is not student specific and does not have the student's name.
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I love looking inside these beautiful classrooms and will share them with my pre-service teachers so they will be inspired to create engaging learning environments.
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These classrooms are amazing! I also like that Teaching Channel is encouraging us to think about how we can transform the physical space of our classrooms to better facilitate student engagement and learning!
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Congratulations to all of you. Your rooms are inspirational. I was interested in learning more about the winners design. She mentioned a data wall and a "Eureka" board. Could I get a little more detail about that? Thanks!
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I like how none of these rooms have the walls absolutely plastered with words and stuff. So many classrooms that i go into and have gone in to have every inch of wall space covered with charts and posters and words. It is way to stimulating for the average learner let alone the easily distracted learner. All of these rooms are definitely winners.
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