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New Teacher Survival Guide

Teaching Channel wants to help teachers as they begin their career in education. In this series, you'll find the videos, blogs, and other resources that will walk you through the steps you’ll need to take before the first day of school.


playlist7 Minutes, 7 Attention-Getting Moves: These seven videos give you a range of ways to quickly and effectively get the attention of your students. Check them out!

blog3 Things New Teachers Need to Know About Classroom Management: After ten years in the classroom and five years coaching teachers, Ryan McCarty shares three things he wishes he'd known.

blogIs It Okay to Let Go of Classroom Management?: Trying to balance managing a crazy class while still getting through all of the content you've planned to teach? Use these three tips.


series_icon_blogCountdown to Your First Year: What Are Students Supposed to Learn?: So, what exactly are my students supposed to learn next year? Here are 5 tips to get started.

series_icon_blogMake Planning Manageable: Choosing an area of focus for your first year can help make planning manageable. Here are some tips to help choose where to focus your planning time.

series_icon_blogSix Differentiation Strategies: We reached out to our community and asked them to share their favorite differentiation strategies. Meet the needs of all the learners in your classroom with these strategies.

series_icon_blogDifferentiate Your Direct Instruction: Make Content Accessible to All Students: Discover additional, quick tips to ensure that you're meeting the needs of all learners.


blogBuilding Strong Class Culture All Year Long: What are your goals for your classroom environment? How do you plan to get there? Read Lily's goals and share yours.


25 Alternatives to Using the Word "Great": Do you find yourself using the same affirmations over and over? Sarah has compiled a list of great (amazing, wonderful, insightful) words to help you mix it up.


blogThe Truth About the Teacher Mindset: You hear it over and over, the job of a teacher is never done. If you’re coming to terms with the never-ending nature of your job, start with the advice in this blog.

blogCountdown to Your First Year: You Got a Job. Now What?: You've secured a teaching job, you're excited and probably a little nervous. As you get ready, take these three steps to get prepared.

blogLessons in Perseverance: Sometimes you will need different approaches for different students. Learn the importance of perseverance as a teacher.

playlist8 Essential Skills to Learn: Follow new teachers as they navigate their first year of teaching. These videos focus on eight essential skills you will need as a new teacher.

blogAdvice for a New Teacher: Having a difficult first year? You're not alone. Here are four ideas to help you create a positive environment in your school and classroom.


10 Teaching Tweaks for New Teachers: To say that the first year of teaching is challenging would be an understatement. It can be difficult to know where to start. Keep it simple these small teaching tweaks.

blog5 Tips for Changing Grade Levels: After teaching in middle school for almost a decade, teacher Autumn Bell decided she wanted to teach 2nd grade. Read about what she learned from this change.

blogBuilding Relationships with Students: Your relationships with your students can be so rewarding...and so exhausting. Find out how Lily Jones strikes a balance.


blogRounding Up Supplies: As you begin preparing for your first year, think about the supplies you'll need for your classroom. Then check out these (mostly free or cheap) resources for securing those supplies.

series_icon_blogMy Ideal Teacher Bookshelf: Sarah Brown Wessling has "built" an ideal professional bookshelf for teachers, including a list of must read books for new teachers.


Q & AQuestions for New Teachers: Join our community of teachers, new and veteran, as they learn from each other in our Q&A forum.

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