New Teachers, Let’s Get Better Together! Join us for a Free Interactive Group

New Teacher Survival Guide

Your first year of teaching is overwhelming. There’s no real way around this. Everything is new! But with help and support, it can get a little easier. That’s where we come in.

I am so excited to debut the first run of our Teaching Channel Teams group, dedicated to helping new teachers develop positive class culture. Through this group, you’ll get to use the Teaching Channel Teams platform to collaborate with teachers across the country, explore resources, and learn new strategies. All in less than one hour a week!

At the beginning of the school year, it’s important to take time to build a strong class culture. It’s the foundation that everything rests upon. But how can you build a strong class culture when you can barely keep kids in their seats? By taking time at the beginning of the year to really think through how to intentionally create a positive class culture.

Through this new teacher group, I’m hoping to create the community I wish I would have had as a new teacher. We’ll begin by thinking about how we want our classrooms to be, then working backwards to come up with a plan for how to get there. Along the way you’ll learn new strategies, connect with other teachers, and receive support as you implement new ideas. I’ll be facilitating the group and can’t wait to connect with new teachers to help provide the support you all deserve.

This group will last for three weeks and participants will receive free access to Teaching Channel Teams. I’ll be leading three different groups — elementary, middle school, and high school. All groups will start on August 31st and will run through September 18th.

The number of teachers per group is limited, so apply to participate here. Looking forward to seeing you in the group!

Lily Jones taught K/1 for seven years in Northern California. She has experience as a curriculum developer, instructional coach, teacher trainer, and is also a contributing writer for Teaching Channel.


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