Culturally Responsive Teaching: A Tch Guided Learning Group

Have you ever wondered about the impact your culture has on the way you teach? Do you think about how each student in your room comes from a unique and different context, and how that context may shape their learning experience?

To begin a conversation about the impact that one’s culture — i.e., race, gender, age, economic status, language, ethnic distinctiveness, and values — has on teaching and learning, we’re hosting a guided learning group on Teaching Channel’s Teams platform. Recent current events, the growing desire to discuss race in the classroom, and the impact of social movements, such as Black Lives Matter, all speak to the need for a space to articulate, reflect on, evaluate, and refine our understanding of culture in the classroom for the benefit of our kids, and our society as a whole.

That said, we recognize that delving into one’s own culture and that of others can ignite passion and curiosity, a process that benefits from active facilitation, so I’ll be partnering with you along the way.

This group is meant for educators interested in building their capacity to be culturally responsive teachers, both with their children and in their community. We’ll leverage research from activists in the field, including Pedro Noguera, Geneva Gay, and Jawanza Kunjufu. You can expect to try out one exercise weekly over the course of six weeks, collect resources, and have an opportunity to use video for self reflection or to solicit feedback. You can also go through the learning experience on your own to utilize the resources and tools made available for personal development.

If you’re interested in joining this group within our private Teaching Channel Teams platform, you can apply here by Friday, September 11th. We’ll be kicking off the group with a webinar on September 17th. And if you have questions, please feel free to email me directly: We’re looking to get better together as we move toward ensuring an equitable learning experience for all our students. We hope you join us on this journey.

Catherine White Guimaraes is an Engagement Manager at Teaching Channel. Prior to her work with Tch, she led a team in designing online learning courses, served as an Assistant Principal at a Middle School, led educators across New York City in the transition to the Common Core, and taught in middle schools in Boston and Washington, D.C. You can connect with Catherine on LinkedIn.


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