Calling All Science Teachers: Join The Tch NextGen Squad!


Interested in learning more about the Next Generation Science Standards while engaging with colleagues from across the nation? Then join the Tch NextGen Squad!

As states adopt the NGSS and work toward implementation, Teaching Channel is committed to working alongside teachers to understand how the standards will shift instruction. As part of this work, we’re offering an online program for teachers from NGSS states to network with other teachers from NGSS states, engage in learning activities to interpret the standards, and use video to evaluate and refine practice.

You’ll be led by me, a veteran science teacher and experienced coach, and Catherine Guimaraes, an experienced educator and administrator from Teaching Channel. You’ll also become an important advisor to Teaching Channel on ways we can support the science learning of our Tch Community! Together, Catherine and I will facilitate the online program, which includes an in-person meeting at the NSTA conference in Nashville — travel, lodging, and conference registration costs covered!

The benefits of joining the Tch NexGen Squad include:

  • Access to Teaching Channel Teams for professional learning
  • A stipend at the completion of the program*
  • Connection to a network of educators that are working toward implementation of the NGSS, and an opportunity to collaborate and learn together
  • Development of knowledge and skills as a leader to support teachers in your state learning and implementing the NGSS
  • An opportunity to host twitter chats and compose blogs about practice for a national audience
  • Attendance at NSTA to network and learn with other science educators

The criteria we will use for selection are:

  • Knowledge of or deep interest in NGSS
  • Variations in grade level
  • Ability to commit to the time needed for completing the work
  • Interest in writing blogs and/or engaging in twitter chats

If you’re interested, please complete this form by February 3rd. The program begins February 11th.

*The stipend will be awarded upon successful completion of all tasks provided by Tch.

Tom Jenkins teaches both middle school science and STEM in Enon, Ohio. He is a NASA SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador, Manager of Special Projects at the Dayton Regional STEM Center, and is the Boeing Science Teacher Laureate for Teaching Channel. Connect with Tom via Twitter: @TomJenkinsSTEM.


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