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New At Tch Video Lounge: Personalized Learning and Socratic Seminar

Teaching Channel Video Lounge: Watch. Learn. Interact.


Last month, we opened the doors to Tch Video Lounge and hundreds joined us to watch, learn, and even talk about two featured Teaching Channel interactive videos.

What We're Discussing this Month

Lucky for you, the fun continues! This month we have two new videos to chat about:

Bridging Learning Gaps Through Small Groups: Join Teaching Channel Laureate Sean McComb in his high school English class where he's experimenting with incorporating small group instruction into his practice. In this clip, you'll see how Sean sets up this group work while the rest of the students work on their own or with peers. Sean wrote prompts to get you thinking about how you might use this strategy in your own practice, and what you might try differently.

Setting the Stage for Socratic Seminar: Our Socratic Seminar videos are some of the most popular on Teaching Channel! Many of you have asked to see how teachers set up and connect these seminars to standards, so here is your chance to see that process in action. Come into Esther Wu's high school English class where students are reviewing objectives and setting goals before they begin the seminar. Let's join her and chat about what we see.

What We've Learned So Far

During our first month of Tch Video Lounge, we learned a lot from watching, analyzing, and talking about video with each other.

We chatted about dot talks -- a type of number talk -- in third grade, and discussed how to help students express their ideas with regard to multiplication. We loved watching Andrea Hutchinson lead the talk, and we took away many ideas to bring back to our classrooms. One lounge participant stated, "It gave me some ideas about how easy it would be to go from students explaining an array, to a lesson on equations and the commutative property."

We discussed using learning objectives as we watched 1st graders review CCSS objectives with teacher Nicole Gavin. The most popular takeaway was the use of clicks and clunks! Sheila shared, "I am definitely going to use the 'clicks' and 'clunks.' It is a nonjudgmental way for a student to be honest about their level of understanding." To learn more about clicks and clunks, head over to the lounge - last month's videos are still being watched and discussed.

Overall, the Tch community is finding Video Lounge to be a fun, interactive and reflective learning experience:

  • I really appreciated reading other teachers' comments. This interactive aspect generated greater reflection on what I saw in the video. --Leonora
  • I think this idea is great. Getting out of your own class and into others can be challenging, but the learning is tremendous. --Theresa
  • Love it, love it, love... This interactive video that allows annotations is a great way to invite participation when everyone cannot be together in the same room for PD. -- Kari

Whether you joined us last month or not, there is plenty of room for learning in Tch Video Lounge. Come on in and check it out. And don't forget to tell your friends. Go on Twitter and use the hashtag #TchVideoLounge to share your experience. Let's keep learning together!

Gretchen Vierstra taught middle school for ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her 15+ years in education, she’s also been a department chair, new teacher coach, curriculum developer, and policy analyst. She is an Education Content Manager at Teaching Channel. Follow Gretchen on Twitter: @gretchenvee.

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