You’re Invited to Tch TeamsFest 2016!

Join us in Palm Springs, California on May 19-20th for TeamsFest, Teaching Channel’s annual gathering for teachers, schools, districts, states, and nonprofits who are interested in video-based professional learning. The events at TeamsFest focus on the use and implementation of Teaching Channel’s blended learning platform called Teams. However, if you are into video for modeling and analyzing practice, TeamsFest is for you!

Snapshot Agenda

May 18, Wednesday Evening

  • Teams 101: Are you new to Teams or need a refresher? Get up to speed!
  • Opening Dinner with a 1950s Dinner Party Theme: Start scoping out your outfit!

May 19-20, Thursday and Friday until Noon

  • Greetings, Introductions, & Laying the Groundwork – TeamsFest Roll Call
  • Identifying & Sharing Puzzles of Practice
  • Looking at Data and Evidence in Teams
  • Taking Stock of the Keys to Success in Relation to Your Work
  • Setting Goals & Trajectories
  • Investigating Models of Teams Use Cases, Initiatives, & Learning Plans
  • Designing a Blended Network with a Culture of Getting Better Together
  • Putting Ideas Together – Time to Workshop

We are holding 50 seats for Teaching Channel enthusiasts (non-Teams members) to attend the event. The cost of registration is $250. Contact me, Paul Teske, if you’re interested in attending (, and I will give you the details and confirm that there’s space for you.

Paul stumbled into education 20 years ago when he was asked to direct a one-act play and coach the Knowledge Bowl team in his northern Minnesota home town. Since then, he’s worked in all levels of education, from teaching 9th/10th grade and college English, to coordinating post-doctoral programs, to directing K-8 after school technology programs throughout south Seattle. He now works for Teaching Channel Teams as an Engagement Manager, helping states, districts, and schools launch and sustain professional learning on Teams.


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