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Our next installment of Tch Video Lounge is here, and we certainly have fun topics to talk about: middle school students and reading! 4th graders and fractions! Come on into the lounge where you'll be able to watch, discuss, and learn with other educators. It's a fun and easy way to deepen your viewing experience at Teaching Channel.

What We're Discussing this Month

Supporting Students with Targeted Instruction

Want to take a look at how another teacher works with a small group? Teaching Channel Laureate Geneviève DeBose takes us inside her 7th grade ELA class, where she's been experimenting with small group instruction in order to meet the needs of her diverse learners. In this clip, Geneviève uses strategies to engage and support her group in learning a new reading strategy. Geneviève wrote the prompts for this interactive video and in the spirit of getting better together, she not only asks you to notice the strategies she tries -- she also wants you to share what she might try next time.

Riddled with Fractions: Developing Math Practices

A Passion for Fractions is one of our most popular math videos on Teaching Channel. It's a great example of how to engage students in deep mathematical thinking by giving them a real-world story problem and asking them to critique possible solutions. Now Tch Video Lounge offers you a chance to look more closely at one moment from this lesson. Come and watch how Becky Pittard uses questioning to help one student deepen her understanding of the problem.

Check Out Our Growing Library of Lounge Videos!

You don't have to stop at just two conversations — join a few more. Each month we add new videos to the lounge, growing our library of interactive experiences. The conversations are ongoing, so it's never too late to join. Check out some of these topics below:

  • Want to talk learning objectives? Come into Nicole Gavin's classroom where elementary students turn and talk Common Core goals.

Whether you join alone or with friends, from your classroom or from the comfort of your couch, there is so much to talk about in Tch Video Lounge. And don't forget to spread the word on twitter with #TchVideoLounge. Let's learn together!

Gretchen Vierstra taught middle school for ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her 15+ years in education, she's also been a department chair, new teacher coach, curriculum developer, and policy analyst. She is an Education Content Manager at Teaching Channel. Follow Gretchen on Twitter: @gretchenvee.

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