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Tch Talks 18: Creativity and Learning with Minecraft

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Global Mentor Jessica Pilsner joins Tch Talks to discuss how we can help students express themselves and their original ideas through Minecraft. Listen as Jessica explains how she unleashes her students' creativity as they build and solve problems together within the world of Minecraft.

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Jessica Pilsner


Jessica Pilsner is a 6th-10th grade teacher at Renton Prep, Renton, Washington. Her innovation and experience have inspired her to use gaming as a vehicle to teach communication and storytelling in a multidisciplinary, multi-project unit, through the game Journey. Jessica is a Minecraft Global Mentor and a second year Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. Due to her speaking ability and passion for education technology, she was invited to film an introduction series for Minecraft Education Edition. She has a creative portfolio of work and has presented at FETC, TCEA, and NCCE. Connect with Jessica on Twitter: @jess_pilsner 


Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Starter Kit

This is the fourth in our five-part podcast series, Teaching and Learning with Minecraft. Stay tuned for the next episode that will focus on Tangible Learning Outcomes.

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It's anything but difficult to fall into two extremes on the topic of Minecraft and training. The first is the Minecraft evangelists who consider it to be a definitive answer for everything. How about we have children make Minecraft universes for each book they're perusing. How about we have children learn whole numbers by utilizing shaded pieces on Minecraft.
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