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Tch Talks 20: Accessing Tangible Learning Outcomes Through Minecraft

Minecraft Education Edition

Students may be the experts when it comes to the world of Minecraft, but teachers are the experts in curriculum design.

Teachers can use what they know best to design engaging, real-world experiences within Minecraft that are aligned with curriculum and standards and focused on a learning goal. Students can use the tools within Minecraft to show evidence of their learning, document their progress, share their achievements, reflect, and learn through hands-on experiences. What's more, students love Minecraft and are excited to craft!

Dr. Amy Tong joins Tch Talks to discuss how we can create tangible learning outcomes for and with students through Minecraft.

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Amy Tong


Amy Tong, Instructional Technology Specialist at Azle ISD

Amy Tong is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Azle ISD. Dr.Tong spent eight years in the classroom teaching elementary school and transitioned into instructional technology three years ago. She completed her doctorate last year, focused on mobile device integration in elementary classrooms.




Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Starter Kit

This is the final podcast in our five-part series, Teaching and Learning with Minecraft. Check out previous episodes that focus on Engagement, Creativity, and Collaboration.

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