I Want to Get Better at… Learning through Video

Summer 2017 - I want to get better at...

Over the past few weeks, Teaching Channel has been offering up ideas for getting better at something this summer to prepare for the next school year. We’ve given you suggestions for learning about classroom organization, growth mindset, classroom management, and social emotional learning. This week, we’re offering you ideas for learning alongside other educators in the Tch Video Lounge.

If you’ve never visited the lounge before, summer is the perfect time to join us in our redesigned space! We now have 30 interactive videos for learning, organized by topic area. Each video is layered with prompts to focus your thinking and inspire you to share your ideas with other educators.

Many of the videos have been designed by the teachers we’ve filmed, from Sean McComb inviting you to take a look at how he works with students in small groups, to Sarah Brown Wessling asking you to notice how giving directions can be an opportunity for teaching. We’ve also worked with districts to create learning opportunities, such as our collaboration with ELL specialists at Oakland Unified School District to make videos about best practices for ELLs. These videos are truly an opportunity for virtual professional learning with teachers across the globe.

If You Want To Get Better At…

The videos in this collection will help you reflect on practices that can be used to differentiate instruction in any classroom. In Conferring with Readers, watch and discuss the ways in which kindergarten teacher Emma Coufal conducts conferences during reading workshop. In Supporting Students with Targeted Instruction, Tch Laureate Genevieve DeBose asks you to notice the strategies she uses uses during small group instruction with middle schoolers. Check out the rest of our differentiation videos here.

Next Generation Science Standards
Are you still grappling with how to make your science classroom an NGSS classroom? Join fellow educators in examining lessons under the NGSS lens. We’ve got three lessons to investigate together on this page.

Growth Mindset
Join the discussions inside these interactive videos to explore ways you can help students develop growth mindsets. We’ve got videos on using success criteria, teaching students to give effective feedback, and even a video for you to reflect and set goals about your own practice. Once you’ve explored the lounge videos, check out these other suggestions for learning about growth mindset.

New Teachers
We’ve got a page with six interactive videos just for you! Come watch and discuss key practices that can help make the first few years of teaching a bit easier.

Other Topics
English Language Arts, English Language Learners, and Math — we’ve got them covered, too. And you could even create your own focus areas by viewing videos from all of our topics. Feel free to tailor your learning experience in any way you see fit.

We invite you to explore the main page of the lounge to see all of offerings and join a conversation. Once inside a video, challenge yourself to answer all of the questions, deepening your learning experience by taking the time to reflect and share.

Earn a Certificate!
Want something to show for your time spent learning in the lounge? Watch and fully participate (answer all questions inside the video) in at least four of the lounge videos, and we’ll send you a certificate of completion. Just make sure you sign in with your name to each one you do so that we can track your completion. When you’re done, complete this Google form and we’ll send you a certificate. How easy is that?

And don’t forget to tell your friends so you can share your summer learning with #TchVideoLounge. Let us know what you think of the experience and happy learning!

Gretchen Vierstra taught middle school for ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her 15+ years in education, she’s also been a department chair, new teacher coach, curriculum developer, and policy analyst. She is an Education Content Manager at Teaching Channel.


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