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If you love Teaching Channel, you now have more to love with Teaching Channel Plus (Tch Plus). Tch Plus is a private, subscription-based, online professional learning platform for teachers, instructional coaches, mentors, administrators, pre-service teachers, and other educational organizations.

Tch Plus not only serves up videos of classroom practice for educators to unpack nuances of instruction and student learning, it also provides a space for teachers to upload their own videos and practice instructional moves through job-embedded inquiry.

Tch Plus makes professional learning actionable, evidence-based, and localized as teachers explore new strategies, approaches, techniques, or tools. Take a peek!

Focus On Proven Strategies & What Matters Most

Formerly known as Teaching Channel Teams, we’ve reset our name in favor of Tch Plus to signal a shift in what we do and how we design features and learning experiences to support teachers in their professional learning endeavors and inquiries into practice.

As we continue to grow our free Tch video library and expand our subscription-based video offerings, we also realize that improving teaching requires that new ideas are put into action to truly shift practice. Getting better together requires trying out new strategies and approaches, taking productive risk to push through boundaries, and engaging in reflective discourse with others to tease out classroom puzzles of practice.

Theory Of Professional Learning

We’ve designed Tch Plus to be responsive to fostering inquiry, collaboration, and applied learning tools in response to fostering this type of applied learning.

We provide:

  • Teaching Channel Plus web boxTch curated learning plans on a range of topics and subjects
  • Premade, customizable, and clonable inquiry-based cycles for coaching and PLCs
  • Video annotation tools to analyze, unpack and reflect on classroom practices
  • The Tch Recorder video app that effortlessly captures video, which can be edited and uploaded directly into private teams within Tch Plus
  • Facilitator Dashboards and administrator metrics to see cumulative experiences, to encourage online feedback, and to witness teacher growth over time

Learn Why There’s More to Love!

Interested in learning more? Visit Tch Plus to receive a demo and see it in action.

Paul stumbled into education 20 years ago when he was asked to direct a one-act play and coach the Knowledge Bowl team in his northern Minnesota hometown. Since then, he’s worked in all levels of education, from teaching 9th/10th grade and college English, to coordinating post-doctoral programs, to directing K-8 after school technology programs throughout south Seattle. He now works for Teaching Channel Plus as Senior Director of  Engagement, helping states, districts, and schools launch and sustain professional learning on Tch Plus.


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