How Do You Measure A Year: Tch Year in Review

Tch: The Numbers 2017

It’s been another amazing year at Teaching Channel! As 2017 comes to a close, we’d like to take a little time to reflect on the work we’ve done together.

This year has been particularly special as we celebrated a very important milestone:

One Million Registered Tchers!

As you know, growth is at the core of Teaching Channel‘s mission. We believe in not only teacher professional growth and student growth, but also growth in what we do behind the scenes, so we can continue to help build this vibrant and engaging teacher community. This year the Tch team set out to find the great ideas you need, to touch all the content areas you love, to discuss the difficult and current topics that are on your mind, and to build and grow the kinds of resources you can find at Teaching Channel.

We continued to give a voice to important topics in education with our Tch Talks podcast; Tch Tips Strategies via our Tchers’ Voice blog, and we made a few additions to Teaching Channel‘s Deep Dives, our expertly curated collections of content, including:

We welcomed the Fab Five ELL Squad, continued “Getting Better Together” with our Tch Laureates, and engaged with you in many creative ways through Facebook and Twitter. And we brought you more of the videos you love!

Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of the past 365 days…

Teaching Channel - Tch: The Numbers 2017

A Wonderful Winter



Orange Dot Border

A Spectacular Spring


1,056,820 teachers and 1,197 videos



881 blog posts and 32 interactive videos

A Sensational Summer



July was an exciting month!

Tch: One Million Strong


17 deep dives, 21 podcasts and 3,202 questions

A Fabulous Fall





It’s really amazing to take a look back and measure the year. When we see all that we’ve done together, it makes us so proud to be a part of the Tch Team and the Tch Community of educators. How do we measure a year? In pride and in love… #TchLove.

The Tch Team can hardly wait to show you the lineup of engaging, original content we have planned for 2018.

Here’s to another fantastic year — getting better together!

What were your favorite Tch moments of 2017? What did you try in your classroom? What would you like to see more of? What’s missing? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Lisa Hollenbach is Editorial Content Manager for Teaching Channel. She’s a former high school Social Studies teacher and Department Chair, an adjunct professor, working with pre-service social studies teachers and behavioral science students, and serves as a mentor for the Teacher Leadership program at Mt. Holyoke College. Lisa is passionate about storytelling, teacher voice and leadership, collaboration, innovative instruction, social learning, and redefining professional development. Lisa is a member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Advisory Council, several ECET2 Steering Committees, and is a Co-Founder, Director, and Writing Coach for the National Blogging Collaborative, a non-profit organization that cultivates and supports the capacity of all educators to use their unique voice to elevate the craft of teaching and learning. Lisa leads the Collaborative in engagement and social media storytelling. Connect with Lisa on Teaching Channel, on her blog, or on Twitter: @lisa_hollenbach.


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