Come Meet Up at Empower ASCD 2018 in Boston!

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Hey Tchers!

We want to meet, chat, and learn about what’s going on in your teaching world. A team of us here at Teaching Channel will be in Boston March 23-26 for ASCD. You should know that we never leave folks empty handed, so you can expect to go back with some great swag and new ideas.

Tch Plus Team (ASCD 2018)

There are a few opportunities for us to meet. Here’s the rundown of when and where we’ll be, so please come see us!

ASCD EMPOWER Exhibit Booth: 1819

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Drive Professional Learning with Teacher Leader Cohorts

Sunday, March 25th 8:00 AM

BCEC, Level 1, Room 109A

Dora Kastel, Envision Schools; Kathy Renfrew, NextGen Science Squadster; Catherine Guimaraes, Tch

  • In this session, participants will begin with an active group exercise that leads into a discussion on the value of collaboration, the importance of exchanging ideas, and the ways that educators can drive learning. Participants will learn about a case study of 15 educators across the country that were brought together virtually to network, learn about the Next Generation Science Standards, and reflect on their practice through video learning. Participants will conduct a success analysis to identify the key elements for implementing a teacher leadership cohort while building a collection of resources and learning experiences needed to support it at home. As a result of this engaging analysis, participants will walk away with the tools, practices, and activities for building and implementing a teacher leadership cohort at their home district or school.

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ELL Teacher Leaders as Change Agents for Equity

Monday, March 26th 8:00 AM

BCEC, Level 1, Room 104C

Sarah Ottow, Confianza; Lindsey Mayer, Enlace

The Fab Five ELL Squad, comprised of five teacher leaders across the U.S., are hard at work promoting equity and access for English Language Learners. Each Squadster is focused on a key area for supporting ELLs, including culturally responsive pedagogy, family engagement, student self-assessment, and professional learning communities. Squadsters have started publishing their tips for changing mindsets and practices on Teaching Channel through a series of blog posts that explain their process, a video, and other tools. The goal of the project is to learn from the impact these Squadsters are making so others can take these tools and share them within their own contexts.

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Induction Junction What’s Your Function (Poster)

Saturday, March 24th, 8:00 AM – Sunday, March 25th, 5:00 PM

BCEC, Level 0, Poster Presentation Gallery

Dr. Terry Walker, Upland School District

  • At this poster session, Dr. Walker from Upland School District in California, will walk you through how their induction program uses Teaching Channel to facilitate six, video-based, inquiry cycles a year. The cycles are based on Tch’s Theory of Professional Learning and include seeing models of instruction based on a set of puzzles of practice that often vex or elude new teachers, e.g., classroom management, differentiation, social-emotional learning, formative assessment, etc. After viewing and unpacking various strategies, teachers will adapt these practices for their students. They then gather short videos of their classroom practice, as well as student work, that is the result of trying out a new strategy. The teachers analyze these artifacts of classroom practice with their coach, who also reviews video of their practice with the beginning teachers.

See you at ASCD EMPOWER!

Catherine White Guimaraes is an Engagement Manager at Teaching Channel. Prior to her work with Tch, she led a team in designing online learning courses, served as an assistant principal at a middle school, led educators across New York City in the transition to the Common Core, and taught in middle schools in Boston and Washington, D.C. You can connect with Catherine on LinkedIn.


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