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It’s finally spring! The end of the school year is getting closer, yet with high-stakes testing, final projects, and countless end-of-year activities on the horizon, you and your students may be feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed. You all might need to pause and take a deep breath. If social and emotional learning (SEL) is a seamless part of your classroom, now is probably a good time to practice those skills or even learn a few more. If SEL is not a part of your practice, it’s never too late to start!

Teaching Channel has plenty of resources to get you started, including a brand new, three-credit course created in partnership with the team at Ashford University.

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EDU 501 Social and Emotional Learning: Integrating Its Elements with Ease

In this course, you’ll examine the concepts of social and emotional learning and mindset, and their potential impact on teaching and learning. You’ll analyze how strategies, activities, and programs related to social and emotional learning and having a growth mindset enhance student learning, engagement, and motivation in the SEL classroom. You’ll leave with a repertoire of strategies to infuse social and emotional learning into your practice, whether that be at the preschool, elementary, middle school, or high school level.

You’ll engage in activities and robust conversations relevant to using a growth mindset in your own instructional practice, which can radically shift the way you communicate with students and the way students perceive their own abilities. You’ll learn how to:

  • Shift culture in the classroom through an exploration of the benefits of mindset and grit.
  • Integrate social and emotional learning skills into instruction.
  • Create a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Integrate SEL strategies into daily practice, including managing emotions, handling conflict, making responsible decisions, self-management, and relationship skills.

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Looking for strategies you can take right away and use tomorrow?

Check out some of these Tch resources:

Get Grounded

Before trying an SEL strategy, listen to this podcast to hear one student’s perspective on the usefulness of SEL.


An easy strategy you can try tomorrow is an emotional check-in. Watch this video to see this strategy in action.

And if you teach PreK, see how check-ins can even be done with your little ones in this video.

If you want to take this strategy a little further, watch how middle school teacher Anne Mechler leads her students through guided relaxation in her classroom in order for them to check in with themselves.

Talk About Mindsets

Want to help your students persevere through challenges? Make sure they know about mindsets! Read this blog to learn more about how to help your students develop a growth mindset.

Set Goals

Make social and emotional skills part of student learning goals. Watch this video to see how middle school teachers make social skills goals part of their collaborative learning activities.

Want even more strategies? Ready to dig deeper into SEL?

Join our course to learn more about how to integrate social and emotional learning skills into your instruction to help all learners reach their full potential.

We’re excited to learn with you!

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