Hit the Ground Running Next Year: Free NGSS Course Opportunity!


Are you looking to kick-start the school year with a robust, vetted, and Next Generation Science Standards-designed unit?

If you’re teaching science in grades five through nine and are interested in learning about the Disruptions in Ecosystems Unit, receiving the printed materials, getting continuing education or graduate credit, and implementing Chapter One at the start of your school year — then apply today to join our free online course!

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As part of this course, Disruptions in Ecosystems: Three-Dimensional Learning in Practice, we will:

  • Provide you with printed materials for the unit and some other handy printouts to support your teaching.
  • Give you access to the Tch Plus platform, where you can engage with other science educators and discuss the materials with experts.
  • Pursue credit opportunities for your specific region.
  • Construct meaningful learning experiences around video.

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Reach out to cguimaraes@teachingchannel.org with any questions about this great opportunity to hit the ground running next year and then be sure to apply to get your spot!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

Catherine White Guimaraes is an Engagement Manager at Teaching Channel. Prior to her work with Tch, she led a team in designing online learning courses, served as an assistant principal at a middle school, led educators across New York City in the transition to the Common Core, and taught in middle schools in Boston and Washington, D.C. You can connect with Catherine on LinkedIn.


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