What to Watch 2018: Sarah’s Sizzlin’ Strategies

what to watch this Summer on Teaching Channel

The temperature is on the rise, but nothing’s quite as hot as Tch Laureate Sarah Brown Wessling’s strategies for student success. Whether you’re inside and staying cool, or just chillin’ by the pool, watch these Tch videos to build your strategy toolbox this summer.

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Strategies for Analysis


Analyzing Texts with Storyboards

Comic Book Templates: An Entry Point into Nonfiction

Pattern Folders: A Literary Analysis Tool

Creating Found Poems

Using Children’s Books to Practice Literary Skills

Using Anchor Texts to Distill Big Ideas

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Strategies for Assessment


The Stoplight Method: An End-of-Lesson Assessment

Tracking Tools: Assess & Celebrate Learning

Life-Size Graphic Organizers

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Strategies for Engagement and Student Discourse


Creating Curiosity About a Topic

The Stand-Up Game: A Classroom Strategy

Conver-Stations: A Discussion Strategy

Pinwheel Discussions: Texts in Conversation

Strategies for Student-Centered Discussion

Kick Me: Making Vocabulary Interactive

Vocabulary Paint Chips

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Remember, although many of Sarah’s strategies have an ELA content focus, you can easily adapt each one to suit your content area with a little creative thinking.

Which strategies do you like best? Which ones do you plan to try in the fall? Let us know in the comments below.

Lisa Hollenbach is Editorial Content Manager for Teaching Channel. Lisa taught high school Social Studies for 15 years in Pennsylvania. A teacher leader during her 17+ years in education, she has served as Department Chair, new-teacher mentor, cooperating teacher, adjunct professor, and NEA-affiliated teachers’ association leader. Lisa served as a member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Advisory Council, on several ECET2 Steering Committees, and is a Co-Founder, Director, and Writing Coach for the National Blogging Collaborative, a non-profit organization that cultivates and supports the capacity of all educators to use their unique voice to elevate the craft of teaching and learning. Lisa leads the Collaborative in engagement and social media storytelling. Connect with Lisa on Teaching Channel, on her blog, or on Twitter: @lisa_hollenbach.


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