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What to Watch: Get Lit with Digital Literacy

The meaning of the term digital literacy has shifted over the years from basic competency to a more nuanced and all-encompassing proficiency that goes far beyond Google and Microsoft Word.

Today, digital literacy calls for students to develop the cognitive and technical skills required to use information and communication technologies:

  • To find information and explain ideas or concepts.
  • To apply information in new contexts.
  • To analyze information and make connections between concepts.
  • To evaluate and question their sources.
  • To draw a strong conclusion and justify a stand or decision.
  • To create a new or original product.
  • To communicate and share information.


students pointing at laptop screen

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

No matter your content, we’ve got a video that will work for you to learn how to help your students level up with digital literacy. Check out these Teaching Channel videos this summer and add your favorites to your plans for the fall!

Civic Engagement




Media Arts




Science & Engineering

What's your plan for teaching digital literacy skills next year? Which of these strategies will you try? We'd love to hear from you.

Lisa Hollenbach is Editorial Content Manager for Teaching Channel. Lisa taught high school Social Studies for 15 years in Pennsylvania. A teacher leader during her 17+ years in education, she has served as Department Chair, new-teacher mentor, cooperating teacher, adjunct professor, and NEA-affiliated teachers’ association leader. Lisa served as a member of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Advisory Council, on several ECET2 Steering Committees, and is a Co-Founder, Director, and Writing Coach for the National Blogging Collaborative, a non-profit organization that cultivates and supports the capacity of all educators to use their unique voice to elevate the craft of teaching and learning. Lisa leads the Collaborative in engagement and social media storytelling. Connect with Lisa on Teaching Channel, on her blog, or on Twitter: @lisa_hollenbach.

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