This Week in TchAUSL: January 16, 2014

Whenever I walk through hallways of a school, I always love to hear that classroom buzz. You know what I mean–you hear it just as you cross through the doorway; that sweet sound of students engrossed in conversation, engaged in learning to the extent that the teacher simply facilitates. This week, we have some tips in the blog and clips in our library to help you build that buzz.


Blog: DBQ in the Middle School

AUSL’s DBQ Goddess Carolyn Henderson returns to our Tch Talk blog to share her strategies for helping you teach with DBQ in your middle school classroom. Want more? Join our DBQ Group and see additional examples of DBQ in action, resources to get you started and advice from our network experts!


Tch of the Week: Marquette’s Jesus Duran

Marquette’s sensational MRC Beth Blair shares her choice for Tch of the Week, 1st Grade bilingual teacher Jesus Duran. Read about Jesus’ work at Marquette, the teachers he inspires and his advice for his AUSL colleagues.

New Videos!

Lessons in Practice: Number Talks

In this short clip, Tarkington’s Christine Berman explains why Number Talks help her students discuss their math problem solving []. If you want to see more of this powerful strategy, check out this full lesson!


TchAUSL@Work: The Solorio Challenge

Are you looking innovative ways to make your professional development more engaging? Joanna Lago shares the awesome work to get students talking about why they are learning Solorio Academy High School in this installment of our series TchAUSL@Work.

You Think You Know…But You Have No Idea: Video Features

1. You can add notes to any video in TchAUSL that are timestamped and saved to your personal workspace! Here’s a quick video to show you how.

2. You can set a reminder to view a video on a later date by clicking on the arrow to the right of the video’s title or the little clipboard on the bottom right of the thumbnail.

3. You can search for Common Core videos by standard. Simply enter the abbreviation in the search box on any page. Try it!

Digital Learning Day 2014: 10 Seconds of Tech Video Contest []

2014 Digital Learning Day

It’s only three weeks from today! To celebrate the amazing technology integration across our network, we are launching a video contest we are calling Ten Seconds of Tech. It’s really simple.

Join this group and add a 10-second video showing off how your class uses digital learning. The Digital Learning team is giving away three iTunes or Google Play gift cards to our winners. Deadline is January 29th and all of the rules are at the Group!

Thanks again for your continued support of TchAUSL. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have comments or questions about your source for inspiration.

Have an excellent week!



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