Special EDition: DL Professional Learning Continues

The AUSL DL Professional Development Series is Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.49.40 PMstill going strong. Session topics this year have included Behavior Management, IEP Development, and Universal Design for Learning. In February, educators from 18 AUSL schools explored the 5 W’s of Progress Monitoring. Progress monitoring is a standardized method of formative assessment that tells us how well students are responding to instruction. The data collected allows practitioners to estimate rates of improvement over time, compare the efficacy of different forms of instruction, and determine when an instructional change is needed. At this session, participants learned how to establish a baseline, set goals, and create a plan to monitor individual student progress. Additionally, several useful sites to guide this process were shared, including the following:

IMG_3309In case you’ve missed any of the awesome offerings this year, you can still access the session decks and resources at the engageAUSL Instructional Resources site. Additionally, you can register for any of the upcoming PDs here. In March, two more sessions will be presented. The first session – Becoming a Google Guru: Using Google Forms in the Classroom to Collect and Track Data – will be offered on Wednesday, March 16. At this session, participants will develop a Google form to track and monitor individual student progress toward an IEP goal. The second March session – Developing + Sustaining Effective Co-Taught Classrooms – will be offered on Wednesday, March 23. Tips for developing and sustaining effective co-taught classrooms will be shared and participants will explore the various co-teaching models and identify strategies to maximize co-planning and co-instruction. Both sessions will be presented at Phillips Academy High School from 4:30-6:30pm.

Happy teaching… and see you at PD!



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