We’re TchAUSL! How Can We Help You?

TchAUSL-mockupsThis year is our sixth school year with TchAUSL and I’m as pumped as ever to share exciting new practices from across our network to help you become the teacher that you want to be. TchAUSL was created to help our coaches capture and comment on practice, but I think we’ve grown into a place where every teacher can learn and grow.

What does our site have to offer you?

Our App Makes It Easy to Record, Share and Annotate Your Practice

We designed the site and our Tch Recorder app with an eye on making it simple to capture and share your practice. With just a few steps, you can record instruction, upload it to our invitation-only site, share it with others in a group or keep it private in your workspace. TchAUSL also allows annotation of video with timestamping to draw attention to specific points of your instruction. Want to learn more? This short clip will get you started and you can pick it up here if you have an Apple device or here if you’re an Android user.

Public or Private Teams for Coaching and Collaboration

For the folks who have been around for a bit, you may have noticed that we have changed the name of Groups to Teams. These Teams can be private where you invite members or public to our community of 1,000 AUSL teachers and coaches. We have also added a neat feature to Teams this year, Learning Plans. If you’re a coach or lead a PLC, you can set up activities for your teachers to complete such as watching or recording a video or reading an article. You can set due dates and email reminders for the steps in your plan and track progress along the way within the Team. It’s a pretty neat feature and we have several videos to get you started.

Nearly 200 Videos of AUSL’s Most Amazing Teachers

We’ve traveled to all 31 of our network schools to film some incredibly talented teachers sharing strategies that work. Here’s one example from the wonderful Ms. Portee at Dewey School of Excellence.

We also interview our teachers in each clip to unpack their practice so you can use these strategies in your classroom tomorrow. TchAUSL also features nearly 1,200 videos from our partners at Teaching Channel in every subject and grade level. Our filters and tags allow you to search and find what you’re looking for in a jiffy.

TchTalk Blog

The blog took the last school year off, but this year we have brought back our brilliant coaches to share their content-area expertise. In addition to blogs about math, science and ELA, check this space to learn about integrating tech into your classroom, planning with data and coaching. Be sure to subscribe to the right of this blog to get notified when new blogs are posted.

SO Much More from Our Friends at Teaching Channel

We are so proud to be partnering with the 1 million strong community of educators and professionals at Teaching Channel. Here are some of their useful features that you may not have checked out yet:

What would you like to see on Tch to help you make this your best school year? Let us know in the comments below or send me a note. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to learn about the latest film clips and features on the site.

Thank you for being a part of our Tch community. We look forward to hearing from you!


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