This Week on TchAUSL: December 12, 2013

Tch of the Week: TCA's Sandra Oliva

Tch of the Week: TCA’s Sandra Oliva

Video Playlist: Quick Assessment Ideas

Video Playlist: Quick Assessment Ideas


Final Week! Give Thanks to Teaching





Hello again!

We are continually working with our incredible partners at Teaching Channel to improve TchAUSL. In the past few weeks, we’ve added a few sweet new features:

  • Do you want a notification when new blogs are posted? Now you can subscribe to our Tch Talk blog. Look to the right of this blog post and scroll down a bit and you’ll see a huge red Subscribe button.
  • We’ve improved the filters on the left of our Resources page making it much easier for you to find the tools you need for planning and assessment.
  • Our Tch Recorder app also received some tweaks designed to make uploading your clips to Groups easier. If you already have the app, you can update it from the App Store or go here to download. Read more

TchAUSL Tasty: And the Winner is…

photoThe Marquette School of Excellence!  They flooded the Group with fantastic photos of their first week of school, ranging from practicing routines and facilitating lessons, to classroom look & feel and student gifts.  Kudos to Beth, Nicole, Teresa, and the rest of the team for their outstanding contributions.  Here is a picture of the administrative team as they accepted the first ever TchAUSL Tasty: milk and cookies.  What a great way to start the new week – and the new year.

We also want to recognize the tremendous participation of the folks at TCA.  The depth of their postings was impressive (we love the Silver Spork idea, and congrats for using the TchRecorder to upload video), and they did have the most individual contributors.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out the First Week of School Photo Contest Group yet, we encourage you to give it a look.  You’ll find students at Phillips building marshmallow towers, teachers at NTA sharing clear expectations, and mentor-resident triads at Deneen sporting school pride.  You’ll see high school bulletin boards that would make an elementary teacher smile (go CAHS!), and tight transitions that would make Gerald Stewart proud (go Curtis!).

Thanks to all of you, TchAUSL captured over 250 photos of 10 AUSL schools, providing insights into the network that we’ve never had before.  We hope you were able to get some new ideas, see some familiar faces, and have a few laughs.

We’ll see you in September for the next TchAUSL Tasty contest.  Until then, enjoy!


Week One: Energy Flow and a TchAUSL Tasty!

Congrats to everyone for completing your first day of school, 2013.  For some of us, this was Day 1 of having our own classroom.  For others, it was the umpteenth time we welcomed a new group of students into our lives.  Either way, we hope today was fueled by the energy of endless possibility.

And we hope it doesn’t end today, or tomorrow.  We hope the energy flows all week, all month, all year.

If we do it right, TchAUSL will become a source of that energy.  A place you can depend on for inspiration and collaboration.  A place you want to visit, and stay.

It’s in that spirit that the TchAUSL Team is starting the year by asking you to share photos of your First Week of School.  Whatever picture makes sense.  Whatever image captures your energy flow.

Announcing our first-ever TchAUSL Tasty – “First Week of School Photo Contest”!  What’s a “TchAUSL Tasty,” you ask?  Win and be the first to find out….

To post a photo (and therefore, an entry), join our TchAUSL Group “First Week of School Photo Contest” and upload your picture.  Be sure to include your School Name in the post.  Also, since the pictures will be shared in Groups, they’re completely private to TchAUSL (so pictures of students are OK).

The school with the most entries by Friday, August 30th at 4pm wins!

My first day?  A visit to Jewel to pick up goodies for the schools I get to work with and then a whirlwind day of driving with Amy Rome from North Lawndale, to Marquette Park, to South Loop, to Portage Park, and back.  A total blast.  Six schools in six hours.  Check out Amy with the NTA team and you’ll get a flavor of the fun we had.

We’ll be back Wednesday, September 4th to celebrate the winner of our first TchAUSL Tasty.  Until then, have a great First Week of School!

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