This Week on TchAUSL: October 9, 2013


We have three new blog entries this week. AUSL’s amazingEnglish coach Ryan McCarty delivers some advice about increasing reading rigor for the Core Standards in our CA&I Blog. Get inspired with our Tch of the Week, NTA’s exceptional 4th grade Science teacher Autumn Laidler. Do all of your students have whiteboard slates? Rosemary Baker shows you how to make your own with a little help from Home Depot in this month’s DIY Blog.

We also have Office Hours this week in Q&A. This week, AUSL’s coaches are taking your questions about management, planning and instruction. I have a short blog entry to show you how to tag your questions for our coaching team starting today.

This week’s short clips reflect Rosemary’s theme of “going to the next level with student engagement.”

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This Week on TchAUSL: September 25, 2013


TchAUSL strives to be your daily source for inspiration and collaboration. As part of that mission, we have trained 62 extraordinary teachers, two in each school, to serve as our Tch Certified Educators. They are your local TchAUSL gurus ready to help you make the most of your time by connecting you to resources and features on the site. To find out who your TCE’s are, here’s a list. If you need any guidance or ideas, be sure to look them up.

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This Week on TchAUSL: September 18, 2013


Our TchAUSL team has been busy this week preparing new simple and quick tools for your teacher toolbox that will save you some time. This week, we have a little something for everyone to help take back some of your busy week.

Have a burning question for our Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction team? Head to Q&A this week as the CA&I team will be answering your questions starting tomorrow. Make sure you tag your questions with #AUSLcai so the team can find them. They’re waiting for YOU!

We also have two brand new bloggers this week–CA&I’s Ryan Eggert takes to Tch Talk to share some powerful numeracy resources. We’re also excited to introduce TCA’s Jessica Siegel to the blog. She tells us all about where you can find Core-aligned non-fiction resources written at varying levels of complexity for diverse learners. It’s a cool resource–check out Jessica’s post!

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This Week on TchAUSL: September 11, 2013

We are thrilled to share our first TchAUSL Office Hours in our Q&A section. Each Thursday, one of our coaches, managing directors or members of the Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction team will take to Q&A to answer your questions. Here’s how it works.

  • Starting NOW, go to our Q&A section with your burning question for one of our coaches, a member of AUSL’s Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction team or a managing director.
  • Type your question in the box.
  • In the Question Background section, enter: #AUSLcoach to have your question answered by one of our coaches, #AUSLcai to direct your question to our CAI team, or #AUSLmd so one of AUSL’s managing directors can field your question.

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This Week on TchAUSL: September 4, 2013

WOW. We were floored with the response from our First Week of School Photo Contest. Over 200 pictures were added to the Group from nine different AUSL schools. The most prolific contributor to our Group and the winner is…

Marquette School of Excellence! You can read more about the contest in Brian’s new blog. Also, we offer huge props to our runner-up, Chicago Academy, who added 15 photos to our Group from seven different TchAUSL members. Thanks to ALL of our participants and make sure you look at all of the fun from the First Day in our FWOS Photo Group. We’ll have another contest for you in October.

Let’s take a look at our clips for the week…

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This Week on TchAUSL: August 29, 2013


Three days down and I’m sure your first days back in the classroom have left you a lot to reflect on and celebrate. You are probably also facing a lot of work, so let’s get right into all of the cool and useful stuff TchAUSL has for you this week.

Our Managing Director Brian Sims is back at the Tch Talk blog this week to introduce our First Day of School Photo Contest. It’s a fantastic chance to share your moments with our TchAUSL family. Here’s how it works:

  • Join our FDOS Photo Contest Group
  • Post your favorite moments from Monday – something that captures the energy and joy of that first day

The school with the most entries by this Friday at 4pm wins!

The theme for the clips this week: Swagger! Here are three strategies for building your confidence in your classroom with better pacing, community and more efficient assessment of your students. Check out:

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