Why I Use Video and Tch Teams

I believe video is an essential and powerful teaching tool. But, it will only work if teachers feel safe when sharing video of themselves. My first safe place to discuss my practice using video was in a National Board Certification cohort with five other teachers in Chicago. As part of the National Board process, candidates submit video of their practice teaching in large and small group contexts.

It was in that cohort that I met my first Rock Stars. One taught sophomore literature in a classroom with ten different languages. Another led brilliant political discussions with freshmen in one of the city’s more challenging high schools. When our cohort met every Tuesday night to share video of our practice, I saw teaching that inspired me. My examples were essentially blooper reels.

It could have been devastatingly painful, and sometimes it was.  But my time in this collaboration completely changed my practice because it was safe. We were explicit with each other early on that our practice stayed within the productive structure of the cohort.

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