What Do 500,000 Teachers Have In Common?

We are all members of the Teaching Channel community! Just today registration passed the half million mark. And there is something else 500,000 of us share: a passionate belief that teachers should be honored for the hard work and dedication demanded by this profession.

Teachers RockThe 22 of us who work at Teaching Channel are committed to celebrating your work with the videos we create. Even with nearly 900 videos on the site, we haven’t even scratched the surface on showcasing the amazing people who work so hard everyday to lift student achievement.

As we approach Teacher Appreciation Week (May 5-9), we want to start the festivities early. We’ve created three special videos celebrating great teaching. Pick a video below and share it with at least one teacher you think is doing great work. Tell them when you watch these videos, you’re reminded of them.

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Calling All Coaches! What We Learned in our December Survey

Calling All Coaches: Answer Challenging Coaching Questions

We’re always so grateful to the teachers who participate in our Tchers’ Voice surveys. You keep us focused on what’s most important to you. Our December Tchers’ Voice survey was about coaching, and it confirmed loud and clear that this is a topic you want us to dig into. So, let’s do this!

coachesBecause of your input, we’re adding resources and support for coaches. For starters, we are calling all coaches to come and share their coaching dilemmas and difficulties, and to help each other with advice and tips. That’s why we’ve added a new category in Q&A for Coaching. We hope you’ll come to Teaching Channel to ask your questions about supporting the teacher-coach relationship. We want teachers and coaches to share valuable tools and resources, and we hope it will help you gather more information on how this collaborative relationship can help teachers improve their practice.
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Celebrating 1000 Questions and WAY More Answers (Special Download)

Free PDF: 15 Great Q&As on the Common Core

This week Teaching Channel celebrates another BIG community benchmark: more than 1000 questions have been posted in our Q&A feature. If you’ve never used this tool, we’d like to introduce you to this GREAT “Insider Secret” on Teaching Channel. Unlike big threaded discussion boards where you have to hunt for answers, Teaching Channel Q&A allows you to post your specific question on its own page and watch the answers roll in from our ever-growing community of nearly 450,000 teachers across America.

Common Core QuestionsJust see what happened when Terri Smith, a high school English teacher from Florida, posted a question about Common Core lesson plan templates — she wanted to find an easy-to-use digital version. Within a week, she had more ideas than she could possibly use. And even better, ideas continue to roll in. Every time there’s a new answer, Terri gets an email with a direct link to that answer. She doesn’t have to remember where she posted a question and hunt through a discussion board to find the answers. Q&A is a real time-saver for busy teachers.

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Tch Insider Secrets: Improving Your Practice with Notes

It’s a new year and we invite you to open your classroom door to more on Teaching Channel! This campaign is focused on helping you dig into your professional development, try new ideas, and stay engaged with your practice. With that in mind, we’re kicking off our campaign with a new blog series, “Top 5 Insider Secrets” to help you get the most out of Tch. In fact, whenever I tell teachers about our number one “Secret,” they say: “that’s fantastic but I never knew about it.”

Time to unveil our Number One Insider Secret: NOTES. We know as teacher leaders, you’re regularly sending links of Teaching Channel videos to your colleagues. But Teaching Channel Notes enables you to share videos with much more than the standard “Check this out!” So two quick steps to get started:

1. Find It: The “My Notes” tab lives on every video page right next to the tab called “Guide.”

Classroom Expectations

See it now? Once you’re a registered member, you can click the Notes tab and start writing comments about specific points in the video as it plays. I say “specific” because we add a timestamp to your notes. When you share those notes, your colleagues can fast forward or rewind to that moment in the video to see your specific comment.

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