#TeacherLove: Appreciating That Special Teacher


Mrs. Taub, my 3rd grade teacher, taught me about warmth and kindness and acceptance.

Mr. Ganzi, my 6th grade teacher, showed me that the environment matters enough to take action.

Mr. Ritterman, my high school calculus teacher, made me understand the importance of humor in the midst of serious tasks.

Bud Hunt, a colleague from my National Writing Project days, continually reveals to me the power of social media and online personal learning networks. He basically dragged me onto Twitter, and I’ve always been grateful.

I could go on. As, I’m sure, you could. Soon, you’ll have a chance to do just that. As part of our #TeacherLove campaign during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6, recognize any one or all of the teachers who’ve had an impact on your life, professionally or personally.

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Top 5 Videos And Blogs of 2015

You, our wonderful community of educators, watched A LOT of Tch videos in 2015. You also read a lot of blog posts. And you shared those videos and blogs with your colleagues, your mentees, your PLCs, your Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.

You commented on what you watched, asking questions of the teachers featured. You posted questions and responses to one another on our Q&A board. You prodded each other — and us — to learn, grow, and get better at the challenging task of educating our young people.

So what were your favorite videos and blogs? Which ones helped you improve your teaching? Which were the most interesting, fascinating, thought-provoking, innovative?

Here are the top videos and blogs of 2015, measured by the number of times they were viewed by the Tch community, and in order of popularity.

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[Archive] #TchLIVE: The Art of Teaching

Thank you to all who joined us as we shared out thoughts about the art of teaching, from what that means to us to how that looks in our various classrooms.

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