Top Ten DIY Ways to Get Smarter Over the Summer

It’s that time of year again. You know, when you can tell people exactly (down to the second) when school lets out for the summer.

Summer Learning DIYIt can’t get here fast enough and we know why. You deserve a much needed break! But we also know that many of you take the summer to catch up on activities that stimulate the mind, from visiting your city’s local museums, to reading books from your classroom library so you can recommend more options to your students. We want to help you accomplish all of these things, so we created a list of great resources. Here are ten things you can do to take advantage of summer.

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Classroom DIY: Motivating Your Students: Incentive Systems You Can Start Tomorrow

It’s March, and you’ve probably established routines and procedures while simultaneously carving out more and more time for robust instruction.

DIY Student Motivation SystemTo keep your momentum going, this DIY blog has a few ideas for incentive systems that can help motivate students to actively contribute to the cultivation of a strong learning environment.

Incentive systems complement your hierarchy system. They are meant to recognize and reinforce students for positively participating in your class, yet also allow students who are, shall we say, over-participating in the hierarchy system stay engaged in new ways. Your incentive system is also a concrete way to motivate and normalize the positive behavior in your classroom.

Here are three field-tested incentive systems with some details to help you decide which is ideal for your classroom.

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